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Resources for Research Organisations and
Pharmaceutical Companies

Insourcing for Research Organisations and Pharmaceutical Companies

EQS personnel have extensive experience in designing and performing echo based research and have been involved in numerous trials that have utilised echocardiography as the main method of monitoring cardiac function.


EQS provides highly experienced echocardiographers that can perform all echo techniques (standard and complex). Our echocardiographers augment existing capacity ensuring no research/trial participant has any interruption in their monitoring schedule.  


Clinical oversight and structured governance is provided for all personnel to maintain excellence and ensure participant/patient safety. 

Quality Assurance

Maintaining excellence in echocardiography requires continual monitoring with clinical oversight, audit and education. This is not always available within organisations/companies.


EQS can offer research organisations and pharmaceutical companies tailored support in this area.

Clinical Trials Design

EQS can offer expert guidance on the use of echocardiography in clinical trials and research ensuring that the right techniques are used to answer the question asked.

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