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Resources for Healthcare Organisations


Insourcing for Healthcare Organisations

Using our integrated insourcing model EQS works with healthcare organisations in order to increase echo capacity and improve quality.

EQS provides fully accredited (British Society of Echocardiography [BSE], European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging [EACVI] or equivalent) echocardiographers to perform echocardiograms (standard transthoracic, contrast, stress and trans oesophageal) in accordance with BSE minimum dataset and reported as per host departmental protocols using agreed departmental templates. All clinical personnel will adhere to all the host healthcare organisation's  policies and procedures (e.g. infection control, information governance, escalation, chaperone etc.) when working within the department of echocardiography/cardiac diagnostics.


Clinical oversight and structured governance is provided by a senior cardiologist with expertise in echocardiography. As a minimum 10% of the studies performed by each echocardiographer will undergo senior re-reporting and be graded according to our standard quality assurance framework (see policy document Quality Assurance). The outcomes of all quality assurance is shared with the host healthcare organisation in a format agreed by both the organisation and EQS.

Service Evaluation, Planning and Development

EQS personnel have been involved in providing leadership to echo departments for over 20 years and have an excellent track record of high quality service provision through continual improvement strategies.


EQS offer a consultancy service designed to improve current practice and promote future development planning for the healthcare organisation's cardiac diagnostic services.

Quality Assurance

Maintaining excellence in echocardiography requires continual monitoring with clinical oversight, audit and education. This is not always available within organisations/companies.

EQS can offer healthcare organisations tailored support in this area.

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